These parrots are at the edge of extinction and so are way expensive. KINGDOM: Animalia PHYLUM: Chordata CLASS: Aves ORDER: Psittaciformes FAMILY: Psittacidae GENUS: Cyanopsitta SPECIES: Cyanopsitta spixii LIFE SPAN: 28-38 YRS WEIGHT: 288-318 G LENGTH:56 CM WINGSPAN: 24-30 CM The Spix's macaw - also called the Little blue macaw - no longer lives in the wild and is by a long way the world’s rarest macaw. It is a small, elegant parrot with delicate blue-gray plumage, bright blue wings and tail, and an ash-blue crown. Around the eyes there is an area of dark grey featherless skin. Male and female adults look similar, the female being slightly smaller. Juvenile Spix’s macaws typically are dark blue, with pale skin around their eyes.

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