Red-and-green macaw Size: 35-37 inches (90-95 cm) Breeding age: 8 years Raising Young Macaws mate for life and travel in pairs even out of breeding season. Breeding usually occurs during the month of December. Green-winged macaws nest in tree cavities high off the ground, often at least 100 feet up. The female will lay 2 to 3 eggs and incubate them for the next four weeks. While she is on the nest, her mate will bring her food stored in his throat pouch. He regurgitates the food into her mouth, just as both parents will do later for their offspring. The eggs hatch 1 to 5 days apart, and the first chick to hatch is fed first at every meal. This is a distinct competitive advantage that usually results in the first chick surviving and other chicks perishing. When a chick dies, the parents will push the body out of the nest to the ground below. Chicks remain in the nest for their first 3 or 4 months. By the time they are ready to leave, it’s often a tight squeeze out of the nest hole! They take their first shaky flight with their parents close behind, and within a few days are flying confidently. Juvenile macaws stay with their parents for 2 or 3 years before going off to find their own mates. Juveniles allow their parents to feed and care for them right up until the moment that they break away to form their own pairs.

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