meyer's parrot Poicephalus Meyeri The Meyer’s parrot might prefer to watch things from afar instead of being the center of attention. This bird is happy sitting quietly on a perch, destroying a toy. Meyer’s can be social, too, and tend to bond with everyone in the family. COLOR: Brown, Green SIZE: small LIFESPAN: Up to 20 years SOUNDS: Vocal communicator INTERACTION: Social The Meyer’s parrot has long taken a back seat in the popular Poicephalus family to its more colorful family member, the Senegal parrot. Both birds are equal in size at about 8 to 9 inches, and were once imported in large numbers, but the Meyer’s is fussier about breeding in captivity, which may be why it still plays second fiddle to its close cousin. However, many breeders who have focused on African parrots, and the Meyer’s in particular, have had good success with them.

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