lilac-crowned Amazon Amazona Finschi The lilac-crowned Amazon is one of the smaller Amazon species and tends to have a smaller voice compared to the larger, more boisterous yellow-crowned and double yellow-headed Amazons. Lilac crowns can be loyal companions and, like most Amazons, have hearty appetites. COLOR: Green SIZE: medium LIFESPAN: 30 + years SOUNDS: Vocal communicator INTERACTION: Social The lilac-crowned Amazon is a sweet and compelling character, often fearless to a fault, like many of the Amazons, but is full of personality and is a loyal companion when socialized properly. This medium-sized parrot, also called the Finsch’s Amazon, isn’t among the superstars of the Amazons, like the yellow-naped and the double yellow-headed Amazon, because it lacks the dazzle and size of these other birds, but it makes up for it in companionability.

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